Hacienda Tres Angeles, Adjuntas

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Hacienda Tres Angeles is the first  Agro-tourism Certified farm by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. We are located in the town of Adjuntas, Puerto Rico better known as the Switzerland of Puerto Rico. Due to its cool climate and high mountains its an ideal setting for producing one of the best coffees in the world. We have available green coffee  of Single Origin Arabica/ Caturra. Our high standard for growing and producing our coffee is the key in preserving and maintaining the quality of our beans from crop to cup.


Explore Our Coffee Plantation

Hacienda Tres Angeles Tour represents the purest essence of our coffee tradition.  Surrounded by 100 acres of premium coffee, the ranch offers visitors the true story that encloses a steaming cup of coffee.  Coffee Tours are available on Saturdays 9:00am by appointment. Tours are from 2 to 2.5 hrs. We start the tour at the coffee field where our visitors will be able to learn about, growing methods and practices, market economy,  bean selection and history. We will arrive at the "Beneficiado" or Coffee Mill where you can learn how we process our coffee in the most modern ecological coffee mill in Puerto Rico. Our visitors will be able to see the roasting process in our Coffee Shop and enjoy a delicious cup of Café Hacienda Tres Angeles and home baked goods while observing our beautiful mountains in our Visitors Center. Tour cost is $15.00 per adult and $5 children up to 12yrs. Please Call to reserve (787) 360-0019 with Naomi. Live an unforgettable experience in a natural environment with us; we are eager to show you one of the most gratifying experiences in Puerto Rico!

Explora Nuestra Plantación de Café

Los recorridos en Hacienda Tres Ángeles representan la esencia mas pura de nuestra tradición cafetalera. Rodeados de 100 cuerdas de café de primera, la finca ofrece la verdadera historia que envuelve un rica taza de café. Los recorridos están disponibles los sábados a las 9:00 am por cita. La duración de los recorridos son de 2 hrs a 2.5 hrs. Empezamos el recorrido en la finca donde aprenderemos sobre el cultivo, cuidado y practicas, economía, selección de grano e historia del café. Aprenderá sobre el proceso de elaboración del café en el mas moderno Beneficiado Ecológico en Puerto Rico, luego pasamos al "Coffee Shop" para observar el tueste del café y probar una rica taza de Café Hacienda Tres Ángeles mientras disfrutamos de la vista de las montanas en nuestro Centro de Visitantes. El costo del recorrido es de $15 por adulto y $5 los niños hasta los 12 años. Llame para reservar al (787) 360-0019 con Naomi. Viva una experiencia inolvidable en un ambiente natural con nosotros, estamos ansioso de mostrarle una de las experiencias mas gratificantes en Puerto Rico.



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